Traditionally, people who want to become Christians and many of those that are professing Christians, believe that one earns salvation through their own efforts. But the Bible teaches us that salvation is a gift of God's Grace and is only obtained by having faith in Jesus Christ crucified on the cross 2000 years ago.

So if that is the case, why do we Christian believers work so hard for our Lord?

As we mature in our faith we not only respond in gratitude, but also come to understand "the great commission" given to us by Jesus Christ as his last instruction to the apostles: the importance of spreading the gospel to others so that they too may have the benefit of God's grace and claim salvation for themselves.

There are many ways to serve the Lord that are part of His plan for the Body of Christ. Visit the Reaching Out and Enabling Services pages to see some of the ways that we are working to bring the word of salvation to people locally and around the world through missionary efforts.