Resources for You

This page and its sub pages contain various resources that are intended to be used for the growth of individuals as well as enabling the success of our mission. This is still a new area for us and will grow and improve it's usefulness.

What resources are or will be included here?  Initially, the pastor's sermon messages are the primary resource. They are here for review and education and to help us understand our faith journey. Included with the video messages are the Notes & Scripture References that can be searched using our Search Tool. These are, of course, electronic resources. There may be other electronic resources added in the future such as a Blog that caters to online discussions about the pastor's sermons.

As you can see from our What We Do pages, there are many ministry resources that you can use as the need arises. Some of those resources are listed here along with a contact form to seek access to them.

Other future resources may include information about  physical resources that are available in the church somewhere, such as books that are part of our adult or youth education classes or information about videos that are inspirational or educational or otherwise useful to the believer.

The content and therefore the utility of this page of resources is going to be pretty much dictated by those of you who choose to use it. There is no limitation on such usefulness except our imaginations and willingness to make it work