Want someone to pray for you or someone you care about?

If you need help, comfort, or someone to pray for you, our Prayer Team stands ready and able to do that for you.

Click here to submit a request, and know that we will raise your concerns to the Living God who absolutely hears us. We know, because Jesus Christ guaranteed it.

Messages from Pastor Phil

Hey God, I have questions.

When people have a question, they often ask their iPhone by saying, “Hey Siri, is it going to rain?”  Asking Siri about the most important questions like, “Hey Siri, how do you get to heaven?”, you will not get a useful response.  For the really important questions of life you need to say, “Hey God, I have Questions”.

This 4-week series began May 17th

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Click to watch Message When Pigs Fly--Miracles of Provision

More in this sermon series

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The Monthly Mission Focus

April Special Mission Project

Random Acts of Kindness

Your Mission Team has chosen “Random Acts of Kindness” as our special mission for the month of December. One example of “Random Acts of Kindness” is when you are in a food line or a line at any store and you pay for the person’s food or purchases behind you in that line.

The Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requires you to get a little more creative. For example, you could order your neighbor a pizza or leave them a gift or note in Their mailbox!

Anything you can think of that brightens someone else’s day!

The church has started their own random acts of kindness by partnering with The Rail House Coffee Depot to offer free coffee to the essential medical workers to show our appreciation for all that they do!

Whatever you decide to do it is our hope that this person not only be surprised and experiences the love and joy that come with a Random Act of Kindness, but they will do a Random Act of Kindness also.

There are many ways to do Random Acts of Kindness. Check out the “50 Acts of Random Kindness” article posted on the Lake City United Methodist Church’s Facebook page. You are only limited by your imagination!!!!

The business cards that were used last time were all given to the Coffee Depot but if you would like a printable card to give please email office@lcmnumc.org. Please, be a part of Lake City United Methodist Church’s special mission. Let God talk to you and we can make the world a better place!