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Messages from Pastor Phil

I Wish I'd Known Sooner!

When we start something new; a new job; new school; or new in the faith, we don’t know everything right away.  We all need someone to teach us; show us the ropes; and to help us grow.  In short, we need a mentor.  The Apostle Paul was a mentor to Timothy who was a young preacher and minister of the Gospel.  Paul helped Timothy through his early years.  I wish I would have had someone like that.  Of all the things I know now, I wish I’d known sooner.

This 6-week series began January 10th.

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Click to watch I Wish I'd Known Sooner, No One is Too Far Gone

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Click to watch I Wish I'd Known Sooner, No One is Too Far Gone

More in this sermon series


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The Monthly Mission Focus

October Special Mission Project: UMCOR

Clean Water Ministry

Clean Water Ministry Update

Despite the coronavirus, the work of Clean Water Ministry continues.  The barrel, that many of you helped fill, is on its way to Liberia.  It contained 90 new filters, an assortment of clothes (that many of you helped make and donate), tools, school supplies, etc.  The barrel will eventually reach Jarpuken Mission after an estimated trip of 3 months.  Pray that the barrel will reach there safely.  Thank you for your part in blessing the people there.
Since 2016 about 1300 filters have been sent and distributed, providing for clean water for tens of thousands.  Water born disease is a major cause of illness and deaths in many parts of the world, including Liberia.  Abraham Billity, “our” man in Liberia, continues to distribute the filters, teach how to use them, and follows up to ensure continued proper use.
A significant result of this ministry is that hearts are being opened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Abraham, not only distributes filters, but he also is an evangelist.  One of the villages where Abraham has delivered filters to and held services, is Grigsby’s Farm, a large village of about 5000 residents that did not have any church. As a direct result of his work and the distribution of the filters a church was established there, appropriately called “Church of Living Water”.  About fifty individuals attend the church.  Pray for these folks that they can reach many for Christ in this village.
The ongoing budget for CWM is $165 per month that provides a monthly stipend for Abraham, motorcycle maintenance and fuel.  In addition every filter costs about $30 to purchase and ship to Liberia.  Plus, we undertake some additional one-time projects such as sending the barrel and buying a new motorcycle
Your continued prayerful and financial support of the Clean Water Ministry is greatly appreciated..  




Mission Special Project for October 2020

Let’s start with prayer.  Our southern neighbors will need lots of support during the next few months while hurricanes continue to develop, and our western states need support to recover from the wild fires, so if it is in your heart to reach out to your neighbors, please support the UMCOR mission.