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Messages from Pastor Phil

Will God Come Through?

In this series we will look at some common feeling that people have about God when we are struggling even though we are doing our best to follow God.  It can feel lonely when you are following the Lord while everyone seems to be following the whims of the world.  Imagine you are walking through a desert all alone and your water runs low.  The natural reaction is to cry out “Will God come through?”  God has a strange tendency to show His mighty hand when you feel like giving up.  Do you find yourself feeling like giving up sometimes?  At those time in your life, look for God to do something wonderful!

This 4-week series began October 17th.

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Click to watch Will God Come Through, When I Need Wisdom?

More in this sermon series


Click to watch Will God Come Through, When I Need Wisdom?

More in this sermon series


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The Monthly Mission Focus

October Missions Focus - Jarpuken Christmas 2021

Christmas in Liberia

For the Month of October the Mission Focus will be to provide a Merry Christmas for the children at Jarpuken Mission in Liberia.   We will be sending a 55 gallon barrel full of gifts for the children. During October we are soliciting your participation in this project.  We are waiting for a count of the number of children by age and gender, but we are estimating that this will be up to 200 children.

Zip-lock bags will be distributed and available at church.  They will be labeled by age and gender.  There will a list of suggested items.  The ages of the children will range from new-born to 18 years old.  Please take as many bags as you want to fill (and shop) for the children and return them to the church.

Donations towards the cost of shipping would be appreciated.


Christmas in Liberia for them