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Ever Wonder Why?

There are so many faithful Christians who feel like they can’t ask good hard questions without feeling guilty.  It is the sign of a solid growing to ask the hard questions!  Many of the hardest questions Christians have been asking, have good answers.  Some of these of these questions are personal; like why didn’t God answer my prayer?  Why am I still tempted by sin and why can’t I stop!  Why did God let this terrible thing happen?  God is so full of love, grace, and infinite wisdom; and He wants the best for us.  Do not lose trust in him.

This 6-week series began April 24th.

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The Monthly Mission Focus

March Mission Focus: One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing-UMCOR-United Methodist Council on Relief

Gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing lay the foundation for all of UMCOR’s work by covering the cost of doing business. It is important to remember that all charities have operating expense.  Most of them cover their operating costs out of the gifts that are given to that cause.  Sometimes that amount is substantial.  However, because of One Great Hour of Sharing, we can know that 100% of what we designate for relief through our church for UMCOR will go towards the designated cause. With the UMCOR basic operating expenses covered, all other gifts to special UMCOR programs can go 100% to those programs.





Help for the Stricken.