Messages from Pastor Phil

Fake News

This new message series called “Fake News.”  Fake News is based on enough fact to sound believable, but is contains misunderstanding and misconnections that will lead people astray.  We will not be talk about political Fake News. We are looking at theological Fake News that sounds right, but isn’t entirely true.

This four-week series began April 28th

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More in this sermon series

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The Monthly Mission Focus

2019 Love Offering

Our Mission focus for the month May is the 2019 Love Offering for Missions.   The funds from this year’s financial offering will go to three projects:  Lao Samphan Methodist Church, Volunteer Lawyer Network, and Volunteers in Mission.

The Lao Samphan Methodist Church will receive 60 percent of the Love Offering; the United Methodist Church is growing in Laos. Programs are being created to support the socio-economic development of church members and communities in Laos, one of the poorest countries in the world. Love Offering funds will further these efforts.

Volunteer Lawyers Network (20 percent) was established in 1966 and helps thousands of people each year by providing civil legal services to people living in poverty.

Volunteers in Mission Scholarship (20 percent) Participating in a mission trip domestic or abroad changes lives. Many Minnesotans are involved in hands-on mission projects and to help others be a part of this mission, the Love Offering helps to offset the cost for first time participants.

The theme for the 2019 Annual Conference is "Dare to Reach - Love Boldly."  We ask you to prayerfully consider this and to be in prayer for our missions.  If you wish to support this please mark "Love Offering" on your check or cash envelope. Thank you!