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The Prayer of Jabez

This message series is called ‘The Prayer of Jabez.  This is a very short prayer, but like many passages in scripture a few words can be very powerful.  The name Jabez means ‘pain’, but God answered Jabez’s small prayer in a big way.

This five-part series started March 10th.

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More in this sermon series

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The Monthly Mission Focus

Our Mission Focus for March is One Great Hour of Sharing--United Methodist Council on Relief--And The Clean Water Project

One Great Hour of Sharing

United Methodist Council on Relief

 Gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing lay the foundation for all of UMCOR’s work by covering the cost of doing business. It is important to remember that all charities have operating expense.  Most of them cover their operating costs out of the gifts that are given to that cause.  Sometimes that amount is substantial.  However, because of One Great Hour of Sharing, we can know that 100% of what we designate for relief through our church for UMCOR will go towards the designated cause. With the UMCOR basic operating expenses covered, all other gifts to special UMCOR programs, like the hurricanes in Florida and Texas, can go 100% to those programs.

February 201The Clean Water Project

The mission focus for this month is the Clean Water Ministry, that the church has been involved for about 3 years.  As we have “provide a cup of water in Jesus name” many have been impacted for His Kingdom.  An example is Abraham Bility who works in Sinoe County, Liberia delivering filters to remote villages and teaching their use.  He was a former Muslim Imam who accepted Jesus as his Savior.  He is on fire for the Lord and takes every opportunity to present the Gospel to the villages he visits.   Jarpuken Mission is one of the places where he delivered several filters, even though he is not a member of the tribe in this area, the people have embraced Abraham and his ministry and now call him “citizen”.

Jarpuken Mission (this is where the Pyykkonens served 45 years ago as young missionaries) is in the middle of a tropical rain forest, with no electricity, no sanitation and a polluted river as the primary source of water.  When Darlene Pyykkonen visited Jarpuken in December she was able to open a spigot and drink clean water, because of the filters we've sent to Liberia.

Over the last 3 years, we have sent about 1100 filters to several countries and improved the lives of thousands of individuals, especially children.  Hearts have been opened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With the mission focus for this month being on the Clean Water Ministry, we have the opportunity to continue and grow this Ministry.


One Great hour of Sharing

Water Filters from the Clean Water Ministry