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Messages from Pastor Phil

God Never Said That

A look at some of the more common statements attributed to God that He never said. These are not found anywhere in the Scriptures.

This 5-week series began September 13th.

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Click to watch God Never Said That: Everything Happens for a Reason

More in this sermon series


Click to watch God Never Said That: Everything Happens for a Reason

More in this sermon series


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The Monthly Mission Focus

September Special Mission Project

Clean Water Ministry

“Clean Water Ministry” is a major part of our church’s mission outreach.  We purchase water filters and ship them where there is a lack of clean water, primarily to Liberia, West Africa.  Approximately 1200 filters have been sent over the past 3 years, which have provided clean water for tens of thousands of individuals and saved countless lives, especially children, from water borne illnesses.  We have also provided a monthly stipend and a motorcycle for individuals that distribute the filters.  Recently the project has expanded to digging a well at Jarpuken Mission (where the Pyykkonens served as missionaries 40+ years ago).  The generous support of our congregation and many others has made all of this possible.

As we enter a new year, Clean Water Ministry will continue to be a big part of our Missions Focus.  The Missions Team asks you to prayerfully consider you continued support of this Ministry.  Some of the upcoming needs and opportunities include:

  • Cost of shipping the “barrel” that will contain children’s clothes and dolls made by ladies in our church, donated tools, and up to 200 filters. Approximately $500.
  • Purchase of additional filters as shipping opportunities raises the cost of purchase, shipping and distribution in Liberia is approximately $35/filter.
  • Ongoing support and expenses for Abraham Billity who distributes the filters and at the same time presents the Gospel in the villages he visits. $165/month. The
  • Digging of additional wells. Approximately $4,000 per well.

Recently the Missions Team had the opportunity to name a new church, which was the result of Clean Water Ministry opening doors and hearts in a village.  The name:  Church of Living Water. Your continued prayerful support is appreciated.

PS.  Please designate any donations for “Clean Water”.


Water filter in use