I Want to Give!

We gratefully receive the generous contributions made to the work of the Lord through this church and its ministry.

There are many ways you can support the general ministry of this church or a particular ministry or mission project by donating money or tangible goods. Many times, the tangible goods are specified within the ministry area or mission itself, elsewhere on this site.  A simple example is the Knitting Ministry. They have a need for yarn and money to purchase it. You can either donate yarn, but you’d better find out what they like to use first, or you can donate money.

Monetary Donations

All donations by check or cash, must have your name and address are included so we can mail you a detailed statement for tax purposes.

To be counted in the current tax year, any donation must be received by December 31st. If mailed, the postmark on the envelope must be on or before that day.

You will get the statement for the  year, by January 31st of the following year.  whether you gave once or many times during the year.  The only requirement is that .

All Checks must be made out to “Lake City United Methodist Church”. 

All undesignated donations will be applied to our General Budget which funds the operation of the church and all its programs and ministries.

If you want to designate your donation,  put the name of it in the Memo Field of the check.

If you want to make a gift to the church as a memorial, you should discuss this with either the Chair of Trustees, Memorials Chair, or Finance Chair.

Non-monetary Donations

If you plan to give any tangible goods, and you want a receipt, please contact either the Financial Secretary or the Finance Chair. They can be reached through the Church office. Note that the church cannot and will not assign any value to tangible goods received for your tax purposes. You will receive a receipt simply describing the item(s) received. Either the Chair of Trustees or Finance or both of them must approve such donations.

Remember your church in your will

If you would like to make a donation to this church through your estate, we would welcome it. You should discuss this with our Finance Chair prior to completing your will to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the use of your gift.

Mailing your Donation

You may mail your check donation (do not send cash through the mail) to:

Finance Secretary
Lake City United Methodist Church
213 North Oak St.
Lake City, MN 55041

Delivering your donation

You may also deliver your Check or cash donation to the church office during our normal office hours. Please put your donation together with name and address in an envelope marked: Attention: Finance Secretary.

Online Giving: Convenient & Secure

I'm Ready to Give!

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The benefits of Online Giving

Online Giving provides you, the donor, with several benefits.

1) One of the key benefits is increased flexibility in scheduling your recurring giving, taking away the worry and effort to make sure each gift is made.

2) You can choose from ACH, credit/debit card for your gifts.

3) You can plan when you want your gift to be made, and at what frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annually, and it will be made regardless if you are sick or out of town.

4) You can make one-time gifts in response to a specific mission or asking by the church even if you forgot to bring cash or a checkbook to church.

5) Using our Giving Kiosk in the narthex, you can make an immediate gift, specifying the fund.

6) If circumstances change, you can easily modify or even terminate your recurring giving and then restart it when you are able.

7) You can make a gift at anytime from anywhere. You can respond immediately using the your smartphone.

8) You get email confirmations for each gift plus you can check your giving history at any time and see up-to-the-minute records.

Learn how to use Online Giving

Our Online Giving service is very easy to use and as stated above, convenient and secure. Our service complies with the highest level of security controls in the industry. If you are interested in learning how to use the service click on the Learn More Button below.