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213 N. Oak St.
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Office Telephone: 651.345.3625
Office hours: 10 am- 2 pm Tuesday-Friday


There are other places on this web site where you can fill out a form to sign up for various things, or request specific information, or to request help of many kinds. Here is a general contact form that you can use for three main areas of questions. 

Please Enter one of the following into the Subject field.

Pastor -- If you want to contact our pastor with a question.
Information -- If you want some information, but are not sure where to send your question. This will go to our office.
Web Master -- If you want to comment on or discover a problem with this web site.

Since we do not have full time office staff, it may take our volunteers a few days to answer, especially if it requires a little digging for information. We welcome your inquiries!

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