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Searching this site...

The search tool, represented by the Search Field in the Masthead of each page, is a fast way to find information on this site. Using this tool, you can quickly locate the pages and posts within a page containing the key words you type into this field. This search is not a comprehensive tool, but it will find those key words if they exist. The tool  supports  advanced search features such as "this" AND "that" or "this" OR "that. To search for a phrase, be sure to enclose the phrase in quotes, i.e. "Son of Man", for example.

The search results are presented on a separate page in a list format. Each item on the list represents a "hit" or a match to the key word(s) searched. Each instance of the key word in the search results is highlighted.

When you click on a "hit" on the search result page, you will be taken to the page containing that hit. However, you may not be taken  directly to the point on the page where that hit resides. This is a limitation of the current "free" version of our search tool. This may improve in the future. The key words found on this page are also highlighted to make locating them easier.

We hope that by using this tool, your experience on our site will be enhanced and worthwhile.

Worship Service Videos

Beginning with Holy Week of 2020 we began streaming our Sunday and Wednesday worship services, which will continue into the future. The Sunday services are continuing under the page "2020 Services and Messages" and the Wednesday services will be listed under a new page under that page.

Using the sermon notes...

A new addition to our sermon resources is the inclusion of the pastor's sermon notes with each sermon (for 2016 and forward). These notes are the same that are included in the Sunday Service Program for parishioners to use and keep. They typically contain the key points made during the message as well as the text of all the scripture referenced in the message.

You can use the new Search Tool to find sermons that include specific key words or scripture phrases that are included in the notes. We hope that having the Notes and the Search Tool available will enable you to get at the teaching you may be seeking in our sermon resources.

Members Restricted Access

Registered members can access the restricted area of this web site by clicking on the red square icon with the letters "RAP" at the right side of the masthead. These stand for Restricted Area Portal, and by clicking, you will be taken to the log in page.