Using Technology

Video Production

Our Video Production Computer is running vMixSD 16 which is an easy-to-use professional real-time production control system that we use to record the worship services both on the DVDs for Channel 18 and on a solid-state disk drive from which we do all post-production for uploading to the Internet. We currently have two HD cameras, but our video is all processed as SD at this time.

This computer also has a non-linear video editor program, MoviePlus X5 by Serif Corp. This is a professional editing system that has more capabilities than we currently utilize.

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Operating the computers and cameras to produce a video of the services

Audio Production

A key part of our worship environment is our digital Audio system. We have a PreSonus 16-channel mixer and a DigiTool Matrix mixer that are used to manage the vocal and instrument audio as well as the wireless microphones used by the Pastor and others during the service.

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Setting up of audio for our Band is key to enhancing worship

Computer & Network Technology

Like just about everything else today, from your car to your home appliances, to kid’s toys (and yours too), not much happens in our church without some help from computers and other technologies associated with them. All our office equipment is computer-based and networked together and to the Internet. Our worship graphics and video production are computer-based. Much of our education is aided by computers connected to television screens. Most of this equipment is connected together via a LAN (local area network.

We currently are running all PC computers, except the Pastor who has a personal Apple laptop, with Windows 7 professional operating systems on the mission-critical systems and Win 7 Home on the rest.

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Critical knowledge of computers is necessary to keep all systems functional

Web Site Management

Our web site is a primary tool in our local ministry and in our outreach ministry. The management of the church web site consists of two main areas. First, there is the technical aspect which requires the skills of a web designer to design and build the site originally, and then to modify it as required by changes in church needs for it ministries.

Second, there is the content management which requires creative skills in graphics and communications to create the content to meet the ministry requirements as well as the skills involved in preparing, uploading, and otherwise manipulating the content on the individual web pages.

This site is designed and built on a WordPress platform, so design modifications and maintenance requires knowledge of this technology as does the content management. However, the latter requires only cursory knowledge of the technology, but does require a solid understanding of using the Internet.

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Knowledge of the Internet, web site design, and content management is important