Music & Creative Arts

Overview of Music and Creative Arts service

Music and creative arts are key enabling services that are integral to not only the worship services themselves, but to the communications associated with informing our constituency and our local community about the many ministries we do both locally and world-wide. These communications take the form of newsletters, banners, announcement flyers, newspaper articles, and internet articles on our web site. Such communications involve graphic and editorial materials that must be sometimes completely generated from scratch if suitable material cannot be found and is not encumbered by copyright limitations. Some of the communications, and more and more of it, will likely use video that we shoot and prepare ourselves.

The worship services make intense use of music in both services, though of different styles, the presentation of the lyrics and associated graphics shown on the screens must be prepared on a weekly basis . Likewise, the music must be selected and practiced so that the worship experience is enhanced by both the songs and the musicians.

During the services, a Graphics Operator must run the Worship Graphics Computer to align the graphics with the flow of the services. While this is not an overly complicated task, it requires someone to be there every Sunday service to do this job.

We have a sophisticated Digital Audio Mixer system that controls all the audio that goes over the PA system and into the video recording system. The set up and operation of this equipment has a direct effect on the quality of the worship experience as well as the quality of the recording of the services. This area is more complicated than the graphics area.

We record the services using video cameras and a professional video production system that runs on our Video Production Computer. Ideally, we have one camera operator and one video production operator that controls the switching/mixing between camera shots and the graphics from the Worship Graphics computer. Both of these tasks require some training and some understanding of what makes a good, professional type of video production. In the future, when we have sufficient resources and experience, we will stream our video of the services live to the internet.

Music Ministry

Our music ministry is mostly focused on our worship and other church events but sometimes is used in our wider community as a witness to the Gospel. We have three basic organizations that make up our music ministry resources.

  • The first is our Service Choir that is used primarily in our 9:00 am service for all except the summer months. It also combines with choirs and groups from other community churches for special occasions such as Good Friday or Advent services held in conjunction with other churches in Lake City.
  • The second organization is our Live Alive Band which is a modern praise worship band with a history that goes back almost 10 years. It is currently led by Travis Walker who either with the band or by himself ministers to various organizations in and around Lake City and southeast Minnesota.
  • The third organization is our Youth Band that is made up of youth ranging from 7th grade to 12th grade. This band primarily performs during the Wednesday Night Next Generation Youth worship service. It sometimes provides music at the Sunday worship services as well.

In addition, we have an organist/pianist for the 9:00am service and several others who provide solo or other special music when the need arises, such as in the summer.

If you would like to volunteer for service in one or more of our music ministry areas, click here and select the ministry area on the next screen.

Our Live Alive Band worshipping God

Our Choir providing special music in worship

Creative Arts & Communication

The use of Creative Arts and Communication are intimately related to Preaching the Gospel not only to the local church, but as important, to a much wider community. Starting with the local church, some of the areas in which these talents are needed include the Sunday program, which is currently paper, but is planned to be made available by using a smartphone, newsletters that may be for various purposes and take the form of paper and electronic distribution. People are needed to creatively collect and write the content for these media.

Going beyond the local church, similar talent is required to collect, edit, and prepare material for our website and any other special advertising material that might be both paper and electronic.

The creative arts area relates to mostly the presentation of content, though certainly can be a part of creating the content itself. The communications area relates to understanding the audience for each communication and how that audience relates to the presentation of the messages and the content.

If you would like to volunteer for service in one or more of our creative arts ministry areas, click here and select the ministry area on the next screen.

Composing editorial material and designing graphics to communicate the Gospel

Videos used in worship like this one require both talent and work