Enabling Services

Any organization requires some structure and resources to not only maintain itself viable, but to provide the support that allows the organization to perform its primary function. Think of it as a vehicle. A car or truck has the primary function of transporting people  and things. Yet it has a multitude of systems and components that must work together to provide that ability in an on-going manner.  In a similar way, our church has structures and components within it that work together to provide that reaching out action.

Our primary function is defined by our Mission, which in turn is based on Jesus Christ giving us the Great Commandment. For us to carry out that commandment, we need resources of many kinds, not the least of which are the believers to be God's hands in performing this mission. We have defined our infrastructure and support resources to be Enabling Services. This is to recognize that as Paul the Apostle said, that it takes many different parts to make up the Body of Christ. Not everyone can be called to preach, or teach, or even be a leader in the church. But many can be called to one of the services that make the primary mission possible. More than that, they can be part of a service the actually enhances the "reaching out" capabilities of those doing the reaching out.

One of the best examples of this type of service is music. Now, not everyone can play an instrument or sing a song, but those that do can add immensely to the Worship Ministry which is one of the fundamental "reaching out" ministries. Going a little further in the same vein, some of those that can't sing or play, can perform support roles in various areas such as technology, or set up and take down of equipment, organizing music, creating graphics and putting those and song lyrics into slides and playlists that are used during the worship services.

This page and its sub pages present many of our Enabling Services, each of which is an opportunity for you to serve God and help this church carry out Jesus' Great Commandment. There is no greater service than to be part of this work. Souls depend on it.