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Sanctuary Production jobs

Graphics Operator--Operate the WPC running ProPresenter graphics presentation program to control the graphic images and videos that are projected on the screens during worship or other sanctuary events. The Graphics Operator must be available at least 15 minutes prior to any worship service or other event utilizing the WPC system, and stay until the event is over and the equipment is shut down.

Video Production Operator--Operate the VPC running vMix Video Production  Software to control the actual content being recorded during a worship service or other sanctuary event. The person in this job actually is in charge of the video production and determines the camera shots that are to be used in the productions and as such is responsible for the quality of the raw recording. The Video Production Operator must be available at least 30-45 minutes prior to any worship service or other event utilizing the VPC system, and stay until the event is over, the recordings are finished, and the equipment is shut down. This person or the Audio Technician must make sure the DVDs for worship services are taken to Bethany Church and loaded into the Channel 18 players.

The video production operator should have a basic knowledge of the hardware and software that are involved in the video recording process such that they can trouble shoot problems that normally can occur prior to or during a live production. He/she should also have some knowledge and skill in setting up a camera shot for a given effect, and how to use different shots and transitions to create an overall quality production. There are general rules of thumb that should be understood and memorized and adhered to during a live production. These are available in the operators manual. There is a video tutorial on the VPC Desktop that explains most of the basic video techniques that we want to use in our productions.

Camera Operator--Sets up camera shots, responds to changes in the action, maintains constant image quality according to the directions of the Video Production Operator. Must be able to anticipate shot changes and setups based on experience in a given situation. Must have basic skill to maneuver the cameras using Pan, Tilt, and Zoom controls to maintain subject in view and be able to quickly troubleshoot any camera problems.

Audio Technician—Set up all the audio equipment including microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and any associated cabling, perform appropriate sound level checks to assure proper operation and volume levels of all instruments and vocalists as well as speaking microphones. The person in this position has the responsibility for the quality of the audio going over the PA system as well as the audio provided to the Video Production System.

The audio technician must have some knowledge of how the audio hardware operates and how to troubleshoot normal problems that can occur prior to or during a live production. Start up and shut down procedures have been established and are written in instruction manuals and must be adhered to prevent problems with hardware or quality of the audio.




Content Generation Jobs

These jobs are creative in nature, but require some knowledge of how to use computer software to create or modify:

Images/photos for use in various applications such as in the worship service, in a church flyer, brochure, newsletter, email, or on our web site.

Video clips or animations for use in the worship service or on the web site.

Written articles for special events, missions, worship bulletins, newsletters, or for our web site.

These jobs require one to be able to imagine using graphics to get a message across, know when to use words versus images or videos, and have an artistic eye for visual quality. One should also know how to get a message over in a succinct manner without losing the meaning or effect.



Post Production Jobs

Video Post production can be one of the most satisfying jobs in this whole area because you can take pride in the fact that what you are making will be viewed by a potentially huge audience and will have a spiritual impact on many of them.

Post production refers to the work done to take a raw video recording of a worship service or event to a finished production ready to be uploaded to the internet on our web site for all the world to view. These jobs require some knowledge of PCs and how to operate various software on them. In particular, our current post production software application is MoviePlus X6 which is a professional level application that allows non-linear editing of video without a steep learning curve. One can learn how to create quality productions in just a few hours of learning and practice.

We would also like to be able to post produce a recording to put on Channel 18 instead of using the raw recording as we do presently. This would require someone working Sunday afternoons to process the raw videos and make DVDs for the cable access channel.

In addition to the post production of the video, there is also the Web Site Content Management jobs of uploading the video to You Tube and then modifying the content on the web site to link to the sermon clip. If a new sermon series is beginning, then other content must be updated related to the series change.



Computer support jobs

Computer Tech Support--One of the most important computer support jobs is to be on call to support mostly the office and Pastor during the week to fix computer related problems as they come up. This many times requires immediate response since it is stopping some part of the work needing to be done. This requires knowledge of PCs, Windows 7 professional and Home premium operating system, email, Microsoft Office 2010, and PowerChurch Plus, our ChMS application. It also requires understanding of networks, routers and switches, the internet, and our network printer/copier.



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Level of Experience

Entry Level: This level of proficiency requires one to serve in an understudy role where one can learn a set of skills and gain the knowledge to perform in a needed role. No previous experience is needed, just an interest and a willingness to learn. 

Intermediate Level: This level of proficiency requires one to have some applicable experience that relates to at least a portion of a job area. An example might be doing graphics on an Apple but not a PC.

Fully Qualified Level: This level of proficiency requires one to either have prior experience that directly relates to the set up and operation of the equipment involved in these areas, or have performed at the understudy level for sufficient time to be proficient in the job. However, to be fully qualified means to be checked out by the someone already fully qualified in that job area.

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